Saving Our States From Obamacare

More choice, competition, and free market principles, not Pete Sheehey’s wealth redistribution, are the best way to expand coverage that is accessible and affordable.

Mary Taylor, Lt. Governor of Ohio, comments:

Medicaid is a critical safety net for our most vulnerable citizens, but Medicaid expansion is unsustainable. I’m a CPA, I’ve crunched the numbers. Medicaid was originally enacted to assist impoverished people unable to work due to age, disability, or family circumstances. Since then, coverage has expanded beyond that original intent to include able-bodied adults. As a consequence, it has come to dominate the budget – at both the federal and state levels – and crowds out other priorities such as education, public safety and infrastructure.

Where do we start? The current narrow mindset around health care doesn’t work. The health care debate has become all about Obamacare and an insurance card and less about affordable access to quality care. Premiums in my state have risen 119% since the inception of Obamacare and 42 counties have only one choice of insurer on the exchange.