Medicaid Fraud’s Staggering Cost: 140 Billion | National Review

Medicaid fraud costs the federal government a staggering $140 billion annually.

A breathtaking campaign of thievery ‘Waste, abuse, and fraud.” These are the words politicians say when you ask them what it is they would cut to balance the budget. If they’re really wonky, they might add “duplication.” I have put the question to dozens of politicians over the years, and have rarely received anything like an honest answer. That’s because the honest answer is unpopular: We have to cut Social Security and Medicare spending modestly and military spending significantly, and we’ll probably have to raise some taxes, too, or at least forgo the tax cuts that politicians of both parties habitually promise…

Which brings us to the criminal — and I do not use the word figuratively — administration of Medicaid by the Obama administration. In September, the Department of Health and Human Services sent out a warning that improper payments under Medicaid have become so common that they will account this year for almost 12 percent of total Medicaid spending — just shy of $140 billion. (Total improper payments across federal programs will come to about $139 billion this year, according to estimates that have proved too generous in the past, and almost all of that is Medicaid-driven.) That rate has doubled in only a few years, driven mostly by the so-called Affordable Care Act’s liberalization of Medicaid-eligibility rules.

Source: Medicaid Fraud’s Staggering Cost: 140 Billion | National Review