Unfettered immigration makes problems worse

Dear Editor,

The Los Alamos Monitor seems to run a disproportionate number of “woe the poor immigrant” editorials, gathered from national news media. The most recent was, “Leaving immigrants in legal limbo isn’t fair,” from the Boston Herald on Jan. 12.Why never headlines that might read, “Continuing one of the highest rates of immigration in American history unfair to workers, the poor and the environment.”?

I will admit national corporate media is almost universally biased toward unfettered immigration – because they are owned by companies being enriched by unfettered immigration – and that can make for “slim pickins” for editors. But there are nonetheless reputable sources for better representation of the other side of the coin.Let’s begin with the last paragraph of the Herald editorial.

It states, unsubstantiated, “America needs its immigrants just as much as they need a safe haven from the countries they left.” That is an example of a statement that has been blithely repeated by open-border advocates (led by media who are at least occasionally supposed to be fair, fully inclusive of all possibilities and objective) with no effort to justify or substantiate it.Why such a blind assumption?

Why do we “need immigrants” in a nation making no progress against poverty, with stagnating wages (across the board, but with the low end particularly tragic), with a failing education system, with a medical system that is dangerous, overwhelmed, broken and dysfunctional, and with a middle class struggling to hold ground won back in the days when we had low immigration that was at least one major factor in driving wages up?

Why do we need immigrants – at the risk of being painted with the broad, alleged “sh**hole nation” brush currently causing such media glee – who are poorly educated, unskilled and who have pulled down the nation’s average literacy rate absent discussion, efforts to deal with it or consideration of what it does to our efforts to keep a nation that is literate, informed and a global leader? Indeed, is unfettered immigration a factor in what seems to be our nation’s dimming star? And, yes, I’m well aware many immigrants are educated well beyond the norm, but way too many are barely literate, yet media want no discussion of that.Meanwhile, we are in a nation needing billions to update or at least stabilize infrastructure after years of neglect as we focused instead on building new infrastructure for a population that exploded from 200 million to over 325 million in just three decades, with that 82 percent immigration-driven, making us one of 8 nations fueling half of all growth on the planet!

How can a nation hope to cope with growth that media–or leaders who are apparently willing to let media define the national agenda – will not acknowledge, much less acknowledge that national founders, Franklin, Jefferson and Washington, all strongly warned us against doing exactly what we are doing with immigration? Of note, the three did so for reasons similar to those listed above: their concerns about the nation’s ability to cope.So, if you must, give us the “woe the poor immigrants” endless song from corporate media, but give us too more editorials that rationally acknowledge that we live on a planet that hit 7 billion people in 2006 and, gasp, is moving toward 8 billion at a rate of about 80 million new planetary residents a year. We, nor no nation, can be a safety valve for that for long, to try is suicidal.Media owe us exploration of the question: Is unfettered immigration enriching the world or merely impoverishing the United States?

Source: Letters to the Editor 1-24-18 | LAMonitor.com