$20 Million Muni Building Site Plan Approved

Source: Muni Building site plan approved | LAMonitor.com

The project has been delayed by petitions and court proceedings. In April of 2010 – after designs and site planning for the new building were well underway – a citizen group led by Richard Hannemann petitioned council to request that the municipal building be replicated and located at its original site at Ashley pond.

Council voted to hold a special election to decide the issue.

Local attorneys Christine and George Chandler filed a petition in district court to stop the election, which was subsequently ruled to be illegal.The nature of last night’s proceedings prevented much of the wrangling prevalent at public meetings. Commission chair Fred Roach called it “a quasi-judicial hearing with a series of procedures and protocols, designed to protect the interests of the parties: those within 300 feet of the project, those who have a legally recognized interest in the case (which has been defined as those with substantial financial interests) and the county itself.