How State-Based Single-Payer Initiatives Crush Economic Opportunity

As Congress and the White House debate the best path for national health reform, it is easy to forget that many progressives are also dissatisfied with the Affordable Care Act, because in their minds, Obamacare was too right-wing: it failed to abolish the role of private insurers in the delivery of health coverage.A group of legislators in New York state have have sought to fix that, by sponsoring a bill—the New York Health Act—that would require all New York state residents to obtain coverage from the state government: a reform approach known as “single-payer health care.”Whether one is for or against single-payer health care in theory, the New York Health Act—and similar efforts at state-based single payer in Vermont, Colorado, and elsewhere—show that the reality is far more problematic. While the New York Health Act would expand coverage to the uninsured in the Empire State, it would do so at a staggering cost that would drive hundreds of thousands of jobs out of the state. The resultant economic crash would cause far more harm for lower-income New York residents than they would gain from acquiring state government-run health insurance.

Source: How State-Based Single-Payer Initiatives Crush Economic Opportunity