NRA Candidate Questionnaire

1. Do you agree that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees a fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms that applies to all law-abiding Americans, regardless of where they live in the United States? YES

2. Considering current New Mexico firearm laws, would you support any additional restrictive state legislation regulating the sale, use or possession of firearms and ammunition? NO, current state firearm laws should be improved to benefit law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen in New Mexico.

3. Federal law requires federally licensed firearms dealers to keep records of the make, model, caliber, and serial number of all firearms sold. This information remains with the dealer unless a bona fide criminal investigation is taking place. Federal law actually prohibits the federal government from developing and maintaining a centralized registry of lawful firearm purchasers and gun owners. Would you support state legislation requiring all gun owners to register all their firearm(s) for entry into a centralized state file or database?

NO, I oppose state registration of firearms.

4. Do you support legislation requiring individuals to obtain a state license* to own, possess or purchase firearms? NO, I oppose state licensing of firearm owners

5. Do you support state legislation imposing a statewide “waiting period” between the purchase and delivery of firearms?

NO, I oppose a statewide “waiting period” for firearm purchases.

6. Would you support state legislation imposing additional restrictions on license applicants or where license holders may carry?

NO, I would oppose such legislation.

7. Would you support state legislation repealing the two-hour “mid-term” refresher course requirement for original and renewal licenses? YES

8. During the 2010 session of the New Mexico Legislature, legislation was enacted into law to allow concealed handgun licensees to legally possess firearms in restaurants licensed to dispense beer and wine, provided that the establishment has not been posted off-limits by the property owner and that the licensee complies with New Mexico Administrative Code prohibiting the consumption of alcohol while carrying. Would you support state legislation expanding the rights of concealed handgun licensees to protect themselves in restaurants that serve liquor on-premises, if the same terms and conditions apply? YES

9. In recent legislative sessions there have been attempts to ban the possession of firearms in the Capital building, either by statute or through proposed House and Senate rule changes. Many people come to the Capitol during legislative sessions to participate in public hearings that run late into the evening, leaving them to return to their parked vehicles well after dark. Would you support state legislation or resolutions banning law-abiding citizens from possessing firearms in the Roundhouse? NO, I would oppose such legislation

10. Do you believe that law-abiding adults aged 18-20 years should be prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms? Yes, I would support extending the current handgun purchase prohibition by those under 21 to also include possession and ownership of handguns only.

11. Would you support state legislation to require private firearm transfers – including both sales and temporary loans – be conducted through an FFL? NO, I would oppose such restrictions on private firearms transfers for the reasons stated above.

12. Would you support state legislation restricting the private possession, ownership, purchase, sale or transfer of semi-automatic firearms and/or limits on the capacity of magazines designed for them? NO, I would oppose such legislation.

13. Do you agree that an individual should be entitled to judicial due process – including notice of relevant accusations, opportunity to appear at a hearing before a neutral judge and to present evidence in his or her favor, and access to legal representation – before the individual is declared legally ineligible to possess firearms or forced to surrender any firearms the individual owns? YES, the Second Amendment is an important liberty interest for all Americans, and it should not be denied without stringent due process.

14. Would you support legislation mandating the use of locking devices or other locking procedures for firearms stored in the home? NO, I oppose such legislation.

15. Would you support legislation mandating the sale of “smart” guns in New Mexico? NO, I oppose.

16. Which of the following best describes your attitude toward hunting? Hunting is a valuable tool for wildlife management, a positive use of natural resources, and an American tradition that teaches young people responsibility.

17. Would you support strengthening liability protections for private landowners who allow hunting on their property? YES, I would support such legislation

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