Sanctuary state bill is sheer lunacy | The Sacramento Bee


Source: Sanctuary state bill is sheer lunacy | The Sacramento Bee

Question the wisdom of a wall or amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants all you like. Underlying all of these policy fights are fundamental principles of sovereignty, consent and citizenship.

Contrary to what Gov. Brown says, it is not “xenophobia” to insist that immigrants follow the rules. Nor is it enough to fall back on the trope that illegal immigrants are “doing the jobs Americans won’t do.” The word for that is exploitation.This is basic civics. We are a nation not just of laws but of borders. We welcome all comers, as long as they adhere to our laws, assimilate to our customs and contribute to our society. California’s elected Democrats advocate lawlessness, yet demand scrupulous adherence to the Constitution when it suits them and their interests. The rule of law demands the Resistance lose.