May 23, 2017: “Save for a Rainy Day”

On May 15, 2018, the Los Alamos Kiwanis Club invited candidates for NM House of Representatives:  District 43.  Candidates were given 5 minutes to speak and then answer questions from the floor.  The following are my remarks:

My Background and Qualifications:  My name is Lisa Shin.  I have been serving the people of District 43, as an optometrist and a small business owner for the past 20 years.  I am running for House Rep to secure a bright future for our kids.

As a small business owner, I’ve had to find the most cost effective and efficient ways of doing things. Instead of spending $20K on a camera system, I purchased a $500 adapter and a $500 Canon camera.  It takes beautiful pictures! I didn’t have to raise my fees or go into debt. I am the only fiscally responsible candidate here, Pete! Our County spent $20 million on our Municipal building that is costing taxpayers $600,000/year in Operations & Maintenance. We could have done this at half the cost!

Chris told us, “We can’t save for a rainy day.” Well, the citizens of District 43, told you and Pete to save for a rainy day, on May 23rd, 2017! We don’t want your out of control spending and your taxing us to pay for it. I said, There’s a better way. let’s engage the private sector; look at private-public partnerships, where entire communities come together to improve recreation. Let’s not increase public debt. Let’s do this in a fiscally sustainable way. I am the only candidate here who urged fiscal restraint and fought for the taxpayers. I am a strong believer in allowing individuals and families to keep more of what they earn and for government to use our tax dollars, in the most effective, responsible way possible.

So this would be my approach: with public health, the economy, education.

New Mexico spends more than Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma on per capita mental health, but with poorer outcomes. We spend more per student on education than Colorado, Texas, and Arizona, with poorer outcomes. So we have to find more effective ways to strengthen our health care and education.

My Goals:  

We must reform Medicaid so that it is available for those who need it the most: our children, the disabled. We have to look at the waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicaid and other government programs.

Our Attorney General recovered $6.5 million dollars in Medicaid fraud in 2016. Unfortunately, legislation to expand our state’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit failed to pass earlier this year. There is Medicaid drug fraud, where drugs are obtained through Medicaid, then sold for thousands on the black market. This has to stop! I fully support work and community service requirements for able-bodied, adult Medicaid recipients. Alaska just passed such a bill. There is value, dignity, and pride in work. It opens the door to a larger community and new opportunities.

I support policies that are focused on jobs.   New Mexico’s unemployment rate is the second highest in the nation; Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Utah all have lower employment rates than we do. I have created more jobs than both of my opponents combined. I know what it takes to get New Mexicans working again.

We must reform our tax system; it is confusing and complex, with winners and losers!  Let’s broaden the base, eliminate the loopholes, and lower the rate.

I would like to start moving the pendulum back towards support and funding for technical-career education. UNM-LA partners with our high school for such a program.  Let’s do that in other areas of our state. Expand online education; Prepare our students to compete:

I ask for your support and your vote, on November 6, 2018!  Contact me at