University Professional and Technical Employees Applaud New LANL Contract: Research, Development, and Employees Over Profits


While our elected officials, County Councillors and State Representatives, have a meltdown over losing their cash cow, University Professional and Technical Employees (UTPS) applaud new LANL contract that supports research, development, and employees over profits. UPTE urges new contractor to adopt structural reforms, offers to help change safety culture. UPTE’s years-long lobbying for DOE for a return to non-profit operators for the national laboratory has finally paid off. Major victories include more money for science and new contractual provisions mandating the creation of a safer work culture. Notably, the profit-driven management structure made it more difficult to build the scientific base, crucial for national security missions.
Bottom line: What I have said from day #1.

LANL serves the national interest, not our island of privilege. We must advocate for its long-term success, not short-term revenues.