Special-interest groups loving NM permanent fund to death | Albuquerque Journal

Source: Special-interest groups loving NM permanent fund to death | Albuquerque Journal

New Mexico’s educational system is still ranked 49th in the nation. Is the answer more money? No! Some states spending less per student rank higher for educational quality. More money is not the answer, but how we spend it is. If we invested in competitive teachers’ salaries that support quality personnel and instructional material, we might see a difference.We desperately need accountability for our educational investment. While we’ve increased funding significantly, many of our children are failing to meet minimum standards.

We’ve seen improvement by our Public Education Department, but there is a siphoning of funds from state education to nonprofit groups that provide virtually no benefit to our children. In fact, much of what these nonprofit groups do equates to no more than babysitting.Special interest groups focused on educational funding are always on a quest for more money, and the Land Grant Permanent Fund is the easiest target. Many people think it’s a rainy day fund; it is not. The LGPF was established with New Mexico’s statehood in 1912 and is held in trust as an educational endowment for our public schools.