Brain drain leaves New Mexico behind | Local News |

Another dismal report for New Mexico!

Source: Brain drain leaves New Mexico behind | Local News |

“The data clearly indicate that out-migration is occurring at a disproportionate rate in better-educated younger adults and people with bachelor’s degrees,” says Jeff Mitchell, director of UNM’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research.No state can afford to lose high-quality, educated workers, the key ingredient for a thriving economy. Impoverished New Mexico especially cannot afford to lose them. But state officials say there is no telling when the outflow will end.“We’ve already seen five or six years of this story,” says Mitchell, who identifies it as one of the clearest signs that New Mexico has entered perilous and uncharted territory.“The single biggest problem is that people think they’re going to find a quick solution,” he continues. “But successes won’t play out in the two to four years of an election cycle. In fact, the economy might get worse before it gets better.