Rec Bond Opposition Launches ‘A Better Way For LA’ | Los Alamos Daily Post

Organized opposition to the Los Alamos County $20 million recreation bond has surfaced with the placing of five large signs in Los Alamos and White Rock. Slogans on the signs state, “Vote No Rec Bond”, and, “Splash your cash. Just Say No. Vote No Rec Bond”. The signs are on Trinity Drive and San Ildefonso Road in Los Alamos and Rover Boulevard and Sherwood Boulevard in White Rock.The signs were paid for by individuals who belong to a group called “A Better Way for LA” led by Los Alamos residents Dr. Lisa Shin, Lisa Brenner and James Whitehead. Brenner said Sunday that the group is setting up a Political Action Committee with Shin as president and Brenner’s son Patrick Brenner as treasurer.

Shin said she believes there is a more fiscally responsible way to improve recreation facilities in Los Alamos.“As a community, we can look at this together and find a better way to fund these projects which will draw broader support,” she said. “Those who oppose this bond are not as organized or as well-funded as those who are supporting it, but they still deserve a voice.”Shin said she understands the desire for new facilities and improvements to existing facilities but believes the community should stop, reflect and not rush into increasing public debt, raising the cost of living and increasing property taxes.“We are asking for a pause on all the excitement surrounding the extravagant plans and expenditure of your dollars,” Lisa Brenner said. “We want to give a voice to those who believe there is a ‘better way for LA’”. She said there needs to be more discussion on the uncertainty of the upcoming Los Alamos National Laboratory contract and the timing of the bond election.“We need to discuss breaking down the bond into manageable and fiscally sound projects and getting the private sector involved. We also need to discuss the impact of these new facilities on local businesses,” Brenner said.

She encouraged voters to hold onto their ballots when they receive them until they have a chance to consider both sides of the issue.A review by the Los Alamos Daily Post of records from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office reflect that Los Alamos Futures has received $5,935 in monetary donations through March 31, as well as $2,006 in in-kind donations. The PAC has spent $2,604 on advertising with KRSN, a video commercial, buttons and t-shirts. The cost of the hundreds of pro-bond signs posted throughout Los Alamos and White Rock has not yet been reported.The state records also reflect contributions of $500 each from Los Alamos Hockey Association, Los Alamos Youth Soccer League, Los Alamos County Little League and Los Alamos Golf Association.If approved by the voters in the May 23 election, the bond will be used for a multi-generational pool, golf course improvements, a splash pad, softball field improvements and a recreation center.

Source: Rec Bond Opposition Launches ‘A Better Way For LA’ | Los Alamos Daily Post