Shin: County Council’s Immigration Proclamation … An Undercurrent Of Obstructionism | Los Alamos Daily Post

Councilor Pete Sheehey claimed that “I’m not trying to make us a sanctuary city or anything like that.”    However, during his campaign for House Rep, he stated;

I believe the United States is a sanctuary country by the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees all persons due process and equal protection of the law. If the Constitution is upheld, there should be no need for “sanctuary states.” New Mexico is a state of many cultures; all should be welcome.     The Albuquerque Journal

The following are my comments:

The Los Alamos County Council will consider an immigration proclamation this coming Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017. This is a toned-down version from the April resolution, to which Councilor Antonio Maggiore stated, “could have easily been deemed as geared toward Donald Trump”.While this resolution does not change how we treat immigrants, its local advocates are aligned with Indivisible, a grassroots movement formed to resist the Trump agenda. Nationwide, these activists protect sanctuary cities, and speak out for the rights of “undocumented” immigrants.This proclamation does not go far enough for Indivisible, but it is a reasonable first step. While it does not create new laws, the timing and wording are a challenge to existing ones. Notably, open borders’ advocates oppose the enforcement of our immigration laws, deeming them unconstitutional, disrespectful, unjust and without compassion. Clearly, there is an undercurrent of obstructionism behind this proclamation.I am certain that our Council will approve this proclamation. Public comments, even our votes, do not matter, when there is a predetermined agenda. While intended to appease the Resistance and undermine our President, it unnecessarily raises red flags with the US Department of Justice.Of course, we acknowledge the many contributions of refugees and immigrants to the founding and history of Los Alamos. We recruited the most talented, gifted, and highly skilled, to advance our principles and accomplish our purposes. Exactly so! Immigration policy should prioritize those who have the most to contribute to our society.Other countries have economically driven immigration policies that serve the national interest. Why shouldn’t we? I fully support President Trump’s merit-based immigration reform, “which is designed to help millions of Americans hurt by the nation’s current cheap-labor immigration policies.”The RAISE Act would “reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars … This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families who deserve an immigration system that puts their needs first, and that puts America first.” The RAISE Act would establish a skills-based points system and place a responsible limit on permanent residency for refugees.The truth is, America has been the most generous, inclusive and welcoming Country in the world, when it comes to immigration. To Lady Liberty, America has responded above and beyond the call of duty to care for the poor and bring relief to the suffering. Finally! America deserves immigration reform that puts the safety, security and well-being of its own citizens, FIRST. #MAGA

Source: Shin: County Council’s Immigration Proclamation … An Undercurrent Of Obstructionism | Los Alamos Daily Post