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Not so for the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities. It rolled on the taxpayer-supported gravy train with no shame and apparently no fear of being caught.Reiss once said he would be frugal with public money. The occasion was when he ran for the Los Alamos County Council four years ago.“I believe government should provide basic, essential services and infrastructure. If we only have $10 to spend, then I will see that we spend it on water, sewer, electricity and roads,” he told the Los Alamos Daily Post.Who knew that WhistlePig whiskey was as essential as water?

Reiss also wrote a guest column for The New Mexican in May in which he defended the excursion to Washington and the work of the coalition.“As a group, the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities has a louder voice in actions taken at the state and national level,” he wrote.I wonder how loud he and others were at Casa Luca. Did they have to yell to get a waiter’s attention when ordering yet another round of drinks?Ringside Seat is an opinion column about people, politics and news. Contact Milan Simonich at or 505-490-1048.

Source: The lowdown on who bought that $28 shot of whiskey | Local News |