Officials: Lottery Scholarship didn’t hit jackpot

“For the upcoming spring semester, we have about 2,000 NMSU students receiving the Lottery Scholarship on the main campus, and about 1,000 students who use it to attend our branches around the state,” said Montoya, who noted that the numbers are still fluid as spring enrollment is still open.“Our student government continues to be very active in looking at the lottery fund, and has expressed concern about the fund’s sustainability,” Montoya said. “They are asking legislators to consider a graduated awarding system, in which the scholarship amounts would be smaller for incoming freshman and grow over eight semesters as students work toward graduation.”Montoya said that such a system aligns nicely with Gov. Susana Martinez’s recently-announced initiative to improve the state’s four-year college completion rates.“The Lottery Scholarship continues to be a very positive support system for our students, and for other college students across the state,” Montoya said. “I’m very pleased with the work our students have done to find solutions to this problem, and we will continue to be very proactive in our support of this scholarship.”

Source: Officials: Lottery Scholarship didn’t hit jackpot