Believe the Whistleblower, not the Politician

Glenn Walp is a modern day hero, who put everything on the line to expose corruption, theft, and fraud.  “Whistleblower” tells his story of risking his careers, his job, and his familyto do the right thing and ensure that others were not harmed by “unchecked, unethical corporate greed.” Glenn Walp testified under oath before Congress and gave a disturbing account on Lisa’s opponent:

Ms. Chris Chandler, an employee of Dickson, attempted to forcefully secure confidential FBI investigative notes from me, through verbal intimidation… She came to me 1 day, and the FBI in the beginning said that they would give me their official notes, because of my law enforcement experience that I may be able to help them tell them where to go in this direction.She came into my office 1 day and demanded to have those notes so she could take them back to her office, and I refused her, I said, because they can’t–that wasn’t the deal, and I can’t let them out of my possession. At that time she became argumentative with me and said that she did not care about anybody’s constitutional rights or that it would interfere with an FBI prosecution…Chris Chandler…consistently thwarted and undermined our investigative efforts…
Chandler denies this account, and claims that “It’s just not a true statement…And as you probably know, nothing ever came of it. Meaning, if I had done something improper, something would have happened, right? And then, several lab managers were fired during that period of time, or encouraged to leave the laboratory…So, I guess if anyone had thought there was any impropriety on my part that promotion would not have occurred or been sustained.”In other words, since she got away with it, she did nothing wrong.
She should just be honest with the public: she was willing to do and say anything to keep her job.
So who do you believe? The whistleblower or the politician? The one who lost his job for exposing mismanagement of our tax dollars or the one who covered it up?
#ChandlerLies #ChandlerCoverups