Lisa Shin Answers to League of Women Voters’ Questions

1.  What are the major concerns regarding education in New Mexico?   How can they be addressed? Let’s replicate the success of the Los Alamos Public Schools to other communities:  exceptional parental engagement, community involvement, and support for our teachers. We have a serious gap when it comes to “middle-skills” so let’s prioritize vocational education to prepare our students for a skilled workforce.  Expand access to online education, ensure reading proficiency by 3rd grade, elect a state school board.


2.  What actions do you advocate to improve the availability, accessibility, and quality of health care for New Mexicans?   My opponent’s “single-payer”pipe dream brings massive taxes, lowers both access to and quality of care. Telemedicine, that meets the standards of care,can greatly benefit those in the rural areas. Emphasize health education, wellness & preventive services.  Fight drug abuse through early intervention, a holistic approach to long-term recovery, & robust law enforcement.


3.  How can New Mexico diversify its economy to reduce reliance on income from the oil and gas industry?    Our State brought in an extra $158 million in 2018, and is expected to bring in $93 million more due to record oil & gas production.  We should diversify & expand our base, but it would be difficult for another industry to generate such revenues for our education, law enforcement, health care.


4.  What measures do you support to protect New Mexico’s natural resources in this time of climate stress?   Our County’s Carbon Free Power Project is innovative technology that should be embraced immediately. Its goal to be a clean energy, “carbon-neutral electrical energy provider by 2040” is forward thinking.