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Republican candidate for New Mexico District 43 Lisa Shin’s latest fundraiser included some powerful allies Thursday as former Congressman Bill Redmond and current Lt. Governor John A. Sanchez came to White Rock to rally her base of supporters.

Shin thanked her supporters and told everyone her progress she’s been making against her Democratic opponent, Chris Chandler.

She said reaching out to groups not often visited by political campaigns has really energized her base.

“We’ve been doing a lot of outreach to groups that maybe even never been aware or informed about politics, including the Asian American community, small business owners… we’ve been reaching out to churches. I’m really excited about that.

Shin also talked about the four planks in her platform, which include drug abuse prevention, growing jobs and businesses, prioritizing vocational education and supporting success for the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the long term.

“These have broad support and bipartisan support,” Shin said.

Shin said she wants to support business and economic development through tax and regulatory reform.

“Because I am a small business owner, I’m very passionate about making sure that I’m a strong voice and advocate for our no. 1 job creators in our nation and our state,” Shin said.

Shin also talked about the link between trade education and small business and how, if the state started prioritizing trade school education, it could help more residents find employment, strengthen small businesses and ultimately help the state.

“There’s huge gaps in New Mexico in construction, health sciences, computer sciences… we need to train our kids for that,” Shin said. “I think if we start prioritizing that in our state Legislature, that can actually help the small businesses, too.”

Sanchez was the main guest speaker. He talked not only about bringing back certain programs and policies, but personal responsibility as well.

“We talk about educating our children. Why don’t we go back to those principles and old fashion ways that we were taught,” Sanchez said. “Discipline in the class room… not only the expectation of our children but also parents. As parents we should be the first line of defense when it comes to our kid’s education. Let’s quit blaming other people.”

Sanchez also remarked that parents should have more choices when it comes to education choices.

“If you want to send your kids to public school, go for it, make sure they are the right teachers and the right system. But, if you want to homes school them, give them the opportunity to do so, or send them to a private school,” Sanchez said. “We don’t hear that in Santa Fe. Why? Because the teacher’s unions have hijacked public education in New Mexico and we need legislators like Lisa who will stand up and quiet the unions. That’s what at stake here.”

Before Shin and Sanchez, Redmond warmed up the crowd by reminding them that they have a big fight ahead of them as they try to bring the district back into Republican control.

Redmond, a former Republican representative for New Mexico’s 3rd District, told them not to assume anything. He talked about the last Republican candidate who represented the 43rd District, Jeanette Wallace, and how even her years of hard work and good representation could not prevent Stephanie Garcia Richard from taking the district in 2013, after the seat was briefly held by Republican Jim Hall.

“Eighteen years of faithful, hard work did not leave her exempt from being attacked by the progressives who were basically going to undo 18 years of excellent work that Jeanette had performed,” Redmond said. “Since then, we’ve been underrepresented not only as a district but also the ideas that we’ve had in the past with our current representative and Lisa’s opponent is that they are ideas that have failed.”

Redmond also said the race was not just about District 43.

“It’s not just about District 43, it’s about the future of New Mexico,” Redmond said. “…getting Lisa elected is not only about us sending a voice to Santa Fe, but we need her vote there to begin to turn around New Mexico to where it once again begins to subscribe to those economic and those social police that made New Mexico great.”



Source: District 43 candidate Shin holds rally in White Rock | LAMonitor.com