TRIAD has a moral obligation to the American Taxpayers

The Los Alamos Monitor’s report suggested that Triad would voluntarily pay the GRTs. However, the Los Alamos Daily Post title, “State Determines Triad National Security Will Pay GRT” says otherwise. Just last week, Councilor Morris Pongratz stated that “Under current state law TRIAD may qualify for a 501 (c) (3) GRT exemption. So which is it? Is TRIAD voluntarily or involuntarily paying GRTs on its activities?
For the record, I am strongly opposed to SB 17 legislation that our Governor rightly vetoed, that would have created a new mandate and further complicated our tax code. However, if Triad wanted to voluntarily pay GRTs, that would be their own prerogative. Councilor Pongratz went so far to say that Triad has a “moral obligation” to pay GRTs!
  1. TRIAD has no moral obligation to pay GRTs and DOE has no moral obligation to keep its operations in Los Alamos. DOE’s primary goal is national security. If there is a state that has better tax legislation for its operations and is more supportive of their scientific mission, that’s where they will go!
  2. TRIAD does have a moral obligation to the American taxpayers, who deserve the best and highest use of their tax dollars. Our National Laboratory serves the national interest, not our island of privilege with its bloated government and extravagant projects. While we have benefited immensely from LANL tax revenues, we should have always anticipated a change in contract and lived within our means. I have been a strong and consistent voice for fiscal responsibility.
  3. Our National Laboratory has always supported Los Alamos with an excellent quality of life and world class education, and will continue to do so. We can secure a commitment to community development through policies that apply to all non-profits equally, as I have argued earlier this year, “Thanks to our Governor for SB17 Veto.” It should be negotiated and mutually beneficial. As I have said repeatedly, we must prioritize our Lab’s unique scientific mission over tax revenues.