Hospitals need to earn their tax-exempt status

Tie marketing budgets to community health. One way to balance hospitals’ responsibilities to their communities with their goal to maximize revenue would be to have them match their community benefit contribution with their marketing budgets.Redefine reimbursements. Hospitals are currently paid largely on a fee-for-service basis — they get paid for what they do, not necessarily… Continue Reading

Senate Passes $55 Billion Veterans Affairs Reform Bill : NPR

A major Veterans Affairs reform has passed the Senate by 92-5 and is on its way to the White House. The $55 billion bill will change how the VA pays for private care, expand a VA caregiver program and start a review of the VA’s aging infrastructure. President Trump has said he will sign it… Continue Reading

House Bill Seeks Medicaid Support for Expanding Telehealth Services

  A new bill introduced this week in the House seeks to give Medicaid programs more leeway to treat substance abuse issues through telehealth. It may become part of the massive Opioid Crisis Response Act making its way through Congress. Source: House Bill Seeks Medicaid Support for Expanding Telehealth Services

Breaking Good: New Mexico Gov Is Trying To Make It Easier To Work In Her State

Last week, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez signed a sweeping executive order directing an internal review of all occupational licensing requirements in her state. This is an important development in New Mexico since the state has one of the more onerous licensing regimes in the nation. According to the second edition of License to Work,… Continue Reading

Why The Idea Of Single Payer Heath Care Won’t Die

1) Opposition to “single payer” plans has come from Democrats as well as Republicans.It was the Democratic governor who killed the proposal in Vermont, and a Democratic legislator who killed the proposal in California. Similarly, numerous Democratic voters and politicians spoke out against the idea in Colorado 2) Most of current opposition is based on… Continue Reading

More choices for small business under new Association Health Plan rule

Obamacare had the most negative impact on small business owners, who did not qualify for subsidies and could not afford increasing health insurance premiums! Source: More choices for small business under new Association Health Plan rule We’re expanding Association Health Plans and streamlining regulation. That will give small businesses more and cheaper insurance choices. The… Continue Reading

Bureaucrats, not doctors, are making healthcare so expensive

Source: Bureaucrats, not doctors, are making healthcare so expensive Republican leadership emerged from their Camp David policy retreat earlier this month announcing that significant healthcare reform is not on their 2018 agenda. That’s bad news for the one-quarter of Americans who put off or postpone getting the healthcare they need each year because of its… Continue Reading