Shin: My Answers To Important Questions | Los Alamos Daily Post

Below are my answers to important questions posed during the Sandoval County Primary Election (link). 1.   In your own words, what would you say is the biggest issue facing New Mexico today?New Mexico’s child well-being score ranks last in the Nation. When the economy, education, health and community conditions are poor, it is our… Continue Reading

Shin: Japan’s High Life Expectancy A Result Of Healthy Diet … Not Single Payer | Los Alamos Daily Post

A brief commentary on Richard Skolnik’s thoughtful and well-written response (link) to my editorial, “Single Payer is Not the Answer.” First, he completely avoids the question, “How are we going to pay for it?” because he knows the answer, “massive taxes.” New Mexico simply cannot generate the tax revenue necessary to fund single payer, as… Continue Reading

Shin: Clean Up The Waste, Fraud, And Abuse Of Our Tax Dollars | Los Alamos Daily Post

  These were my public comments at the Los Alamos County Council’s special session meeting to address a potential shortfall in gross receipts taxes (GRTs) on July 11, 2018 Just as I predicted, the LANL contract that has been awarded to a non-profit entity. However, the loss of GRT’s may not be as severe as… Continue Reading

Rec Bond Opposition Launches ‘A Better Way For LA’ | Los Alamos Daily Post

Organized opposition to the Los Alamos County $20 million recreation bond has surfaced with the placing of five large signs in Los Alamos and White Rock. Slogans on the signs state, “Vote No Rec Bond”, and, “Splash your cash. Just Say No. Vote No Rec Bond”. The signs are on Trinity Drive and San Ildefonso… Continue Reading

Running For Office while Running Her Practice

This article was featured in June 2018 edition of “Women in Optometry.” Running For Office While Running her Practice Running a solo practice is a busy job, but Lisa Shin, OD, wants to add another. She’s running for a seat in the New Mexico State Legislature, and says that her experience as an optometrist is… Continue Reading

The Black Market for Opioids

by Lisa Shin Published in the Los Alamos Daily Post OpioidBillSummary On Friday, June 22, 2018, the U.S. House of Representatives passed comprehensive, bipartisan legislation,  H.R. 6, aimed at the opioid crisis.  Representative Greg Walden described the combination of 58 bills as “one of the most significant congressional efforts against a drug crisis in our… Continue Reading

PARCC: Parents Have the Final Say

Senator Howie Morales has called for an end to PARCC testing.   He aptly says, “..Instead of using scarce public dollars for proven methods of bettering education — smaller class sizes, more professional development for educators, more books, librarians, nurses, counselors, and instructors for art, dance and music — the Martinez administration’s policy has been to… Continue Reading