Chandler’s Top Zingers

    In a public forum as reported in the Los Alamos Daily Post, Councilor Chandler made several comments that put her credibility and trustworthiness in question!  “I have received maybe ONE donation from out of state.”   The last SOS report showed that she’s actually received AT LEAST FIVE out of state donations.  “It is… Continue Reading

Scathing audit says after-the-fact changes used to ‘correct’ coalition spending | Albuquerque Journal

Adams_Crow_Investigation-Report SANTA FE – Los Alamos County officials and the former executive director of the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities who is now poised to become a state legislator made after-the-fact accounting and policy changes to “correct deficiencies” in questionable travel, meal and entertainment reimbursement payments, according to a blistering independent audit released Friday.’The 38-page… Continue Reading

Hold Los Alamos County Responsible | Letters To Editor |

In an upcoming Sept. 6 special Los Alamos County Council meeting, we can expect the County and its elected officials to shift blame and claim innocence regarding how money was spent by the Regional Coalition of LANL Community.    We’ll just ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Hey, let’s celebrate with another $28 shot of Whistlepig… Continue Reading

Los Alamos County Council debate on improper spending gets heated | Local News |

LOS ALAMOS — Los Alamos County elected officials and their top administrator spent close to four hours Thursday night discussing and debating an independent investigation into improper use of public funds by the embattled Regional Coalition of LANL Communities.There was plenty of drama and finger-pointing throughout the night, starting with Councilor Susan O’Leary asking a… Continue Reading

New Mexico State Auditor Questions if RCLC is Lobbying – ExchangeMonitor

The New Mexico State Auditor’s Office has questioned whether the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities (RCLC) is improperly engaged in lobbying.Most press attention generated by an Aug. 7 report from State Auditor Wayne Johnson has focused on reimbursement of travel and entertainment expenses by the nongovernmental group’s former executive director, Andrea Romero.The organization established to… Continue Reading

Believe the Whistleblower, not the Politician

  Glenn Walp is a modern day hero, who put everything on the line to expose corruption, theft, and fraud.  “Whistleblower” tells his story of risking his careers, his job, and his familyto do the right thing and ensure that others were not harmed by “unchecked, unethical corporate greed.” Glenn Walp testified under oath before… Continue Reading

Los Alamos whistleblower: “We were up to our neck in possible espionage” – CBS News

  Whistleblower: the Case Against Los Alamos As the scope of their investigation grew, Walp and Doran began to worry that the thefts could represent a true threat to the security of the country.”We were up to our neck in possible espionage,” says Walp. “My greatest fear was that the nuclear secrets of the United… Continue Reading