Los Alamos National Laboratory

Support the Long-Term Success of the Los Alamos National Laboratory

The economic success of District 43 is directly linked to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

My opponent is no friend of LANL and has worked against its interests.

The Regional Coalition was formed to ensure regional economic growth and to be an advocate for sufficient LANL funding and environmental cleanup.   Instead, this Coalition has become a national disgrace, and as a board member, my opponent was involved with its fraudulent abuse of our tax dollars.  She has lobbied vigorously to impose gross receipts taxes (GRTs) for Los Alamos County’s bloated government and pet projects.  Such legislation would have cost our District many jobs and put NM at a competitive disadvantage.

We have to prioritize research, development, and employees over profits and GRT’s.  Many agree that the new management structure  will allow LANL to better accomplish its national security missions, create jobs for our District, and  strengthen its scientific, engineering, and technical base.

Let’s prioritize research, development, and employees over profits ,job killing taxes, and revenues for pet projects!

NNSA’s decision to move most of the Nation’s plutonium pit manufacturing to Savannah River is disappointing.   This is a loss for our state and district and reflects the need for lasting reforms in management and operations.  I urge Triad National Security to implement changes that improve transparency, accountability, and communication with LANL’s workforce.  This will ensure the highest and best use of our tax dollars while serving the national interest.

LANL serves the national interest, not Los Alamos’ island of privilege!