Support the Long-Term Success of the Los Alamos National Laboratory

The economic success of District 43 is directly linked to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Unfortunately, my opponent was a Board Member of the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities (RCLC), which wasted public funds on improper personal expenses rather than advocating effectively for LANL’s interests.  RCLC board members are charged with the fraudulent abuse of our tax dollars.  She lobbied vigorously for tax legislation that would have cost our District many jobs, put NM at a competitive disadvantage, and risked LANL operations being moved elsewhere. LANL has always been the primary economic engine for Northern NM.

Rather than imposing new GRT taxes, we should focus on rebuilding critical LANL infrastructure and expanding LANL’s workforce to meet its key national security missions.  We must work to  strengthen its scientific, engineering, and technical base.  Instead of focusing on tax revenue, we must ensure a properly managed Laboratory, and avoid any recurrence of fraud and corruption.

Let’s prioritize research, development, and employees over profits , and tax revenues for pet projects!  A well-run Laboratory by Triad National Security  depends on improved transparency, accountability, and communication with LANL’s workforce.  This will ensure the highest and best use of our tax dollars while serving the national interest.

LANL serves the national interest, not Los Alamos’ island of privilege!