Let’s Empower and Prepare our Students

Education is foundational to the American Dream, essential for upward mobility, and the key to success.

The report that New Mexico ranks next to last for public education and dead last for child well-being is devastating.  We must find more effective ways of spending our money.  More on instruction, less on administrative costs.  We should lift the regulatory burden on our teachers, give more control to local communities, and  empower parents to make the choices that are best for their children.  Reading proficiency is necessary for academic success. It is critical that we identify problems early and engage parents in the remedial process.  We need to return to an elected state-wide school board.

Let’s replicate the success of the Los Alamos Public School System to other communities.   We can do this with policies that foster exceptional parental engagement, community involvement, and support for our teachers.

PARCC testing is the bad fruit from the tree of corruption and cronyism:  Common Core.   It is time to end mandatory PARCC testing for our State.

We must strengthen our vocational programs, expand web-based learning, and prepare our students to compete.  New Mexico has serious gaps when it comes to a “middle-skilled” workforce.  Technical-Career programs that train such a workforce in health care, manufacturing, construction, and transportation are critical for our economic growth. These programs should be among our highest funding priorities.

Let’s work together towards the long-term sustainability of our Lottery Scholarship Program!